Things to do in Ibiza

Comidas Bar San Juan

For those of you who consider your very very good selves to be very fashionable as to call yourself a fashionista you need to check out this top choice from lonely planet magazine travel guide. The Comidas Bar San Juan is very much a fashionista destination in Ibiza. It is a family business featuring a couple of little sized rooms for dining in, which resemble the type of vintage that Ibiza took on prior to becoming a glamor destination for everyone around the world. This restaurant is very good value as well. You can actually treat yourself to a fresh catch of the day type fish meal for around ten euro and a lot of their smaller ibizasized portion main meals go for around the six euro mark. This is good value when you consider other places around the island can be so steep because they know that the people going there are just tourists with their wallet open. Often businesses will just simply take advantage of this and charge heaps without even proving the value they should at that price. With this place though, you’re sure not to be dissappointed. What is also really important remember about this destination is that they do not take reservations! That means you really need to get in early and also to be prepared for other patrons to be seated at the same table as your good self.

Spectactular sights to see: The Torre den Galmes

If you are someone that is enchanted by the sights of old, you really must visit the Torre den Galmes particularly if you are interested in seeing Talayotic sites. It is located just South of Alaior. When you arrive you will need to go straight to the little information hub that they have right there at the front as you walk on up. There you will be able to view a video that goes for ten minutes which will take you through basically everthing you need to know about the site. It will instruct you on what to do and what to expect so you can actually get the most out of the experience and not miss any of the magic of it. After you have finished watching the video you really then must walk on over to the site itself. There you will notice 3 big talayots that sit on top of three big hill tops. There you will also see places that people lived in that go round in a circular and rambling formation. Seach further and you will discover the deeper chambers in which things had been kept under the ground. You will be amazed at the technological advancement of a time so long ago when you check out the complex watering system that was fashioned by the inhabitants.
Wondering about pricing? Well it will be 3 euro for adults and 1.80 euro for the kids. The site is open between nine and 8 Tuesday through Saturdays and then nine fifteen and three pm on Sundays and Mondays.

Take the tour of Ibiza by Scooter Tour

Now you can really get to see more and more of the beauty of the Spanish island of Ibiza by taking the now famed and popular scooter tour after you’ve had a meal at one of the near by eateries. Rather than go round and round on some big boring bus tour now you can have heaps of fun while you zip around on a scooter. Have an adventure check out the amazing cultural experience and the beatiful natural surroundings and find out how Ibiza was actually recognized as a world heritage city by the unesco back in the year of 1999. On your scooter you’ll be able to check out the older parts of the city away from the shiny glam aspects. Absorb the greatness and breath taking sites of PLaya den bossa beach and the wonder of las salinas park which is actually a major wild life reserve in and around the Balearic islands. Soak up the wonderful village town of Sa Canal and then go down and enjoy yourself over at the las salinas water and ocean. Then the tour goes through the interesting and less known back paths up the back of the cliffs and bushes all on the back of your scooter.

The tour goes for four hours leaving from the middle of the island around the area of Play Bossa shore front. Later on at the end the tour will conclude by arriving back at the place where it all started for the day at about 1 in the afternoon. The entire thing begins at 9 in the morning and will set each person back from $70 per person in Australian dollars.