Land To Take Over To Facilitate HSR Next Year 2017


HSR In Progress

The future HSR stations will soon be constructed close to present residents and company centers in new places.

The 50m-broad band will place not just a buffer zone for security objectives contemplating that the trains could go by up to 350kmh, but in addition the tracks, said Mohd Nur Ismal Kamal, CEO of MyHSR.

A mixture of state and private property will probably be obtained, though lots of them run through plantations,” he said.

The date to commence

The project is likely to reach two landmarks by Q1 2017.

The very first is the statement of the bid to make a joint development associate (JDP).

Malaysia and Singapore will jointly award the bid for the JDP, that will provide guidance on procurement, operational and technical issues, specially in regard to the project’s system facet. Singapore private sectors and properties like the upcoming new condo, Seaside Residences Frasers will also be in good favour since more expats will be coming from Malaysia.

The effect of HSR to take place

MyHSR may also release the consequence of the bid for the professional services of benchmark layout advisors (RDC) for the Malaysian expanse by Q1 2017, said Mohd Nur.

“The RDCs will examine alliances and the various stations to optimise them all, though it is going to not be less from the civil engineering view.”

The stations also should be large enough to cater to the future and anticipated ridership, and have considerable space for development around them,” he included.

“We must balance between these variables.”

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